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Funny... I thought 8 dozen cupcakes would like like more!
Balloons and cupcakes... and Angry Birds?
Pre-party Kathy
Kathymas Guest of Honor
Funny... I thought 32 lbs of Salt Lick BBQ would look like more!
Fireman's 4 and Salt Lick - a Kathymas feast!
Lucas Cook firing up the Kathymas music
Lucas is set up in the backyard
Lucas sings in the backyard
Lucas and Melanie
Lucas and Melanie duet
Roger, Scott, and Randy
Lucas, Melanie, and Andrew
Kathy listens to the music
Lucas and Melanie singing the night away
Lucas, Melanie, and GardenBevo!
Lucas and Melanie - last song
Andrew and Dad
Roger and very tired Lucas at the end of the evening
Kathy and Eric