Germany - CMTC TDY December 2000

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ARL:UT site visit to the Combat Maneuver Training Center (CMTC) in Hohenfels, Germany - my first visit to Germany, and I got to go in December! COLD!
Hofbrauhouse in Munich
Memorial arch in Munich
Gasthof Scholl sign
Scholl Gasthaus
Roger s room at Scholl Gasthaus
Herr Scholl
Hormannsdorf city limits sign
Street in Hormannsdorf
Church in Hormannsdorf
Church details in Hormannsdorf
Christmas tree in Hormannsdorf
Countryside beyond Hormannsdorf
Foggy village across the field
Fog on the fields
Side of the hill storage
Picturesque stream 1
I d travel far for Tex Mex
Cold breath or Barbershop Quartet you make the call
Let me get in the car already
Street in Berlengenfeld
Hillside castle in Berlengenfeld