NASA - Johnson Space Center - October 2010

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Old-school FDO plaque on my wall
Director's Guest
Shuttle Mission Simulator - Motion Base
SMS - Motion Base details
Important safety feature - WCS
The World-Famous Space Shuttle Toilet (tm) - WCS trainer
Waste Water
It taunts me... and I shall have it
Roger - CDR stick time
Sitting in the CDR seat - Space Shuttle fixed-base simulator
Matt shows John some of the details of the Space Shuttle cockpit
Mark and the T-38 simulator
John crawls through the Shuttle mock-up hatch
Matt shows Mark and Marianne some of the middeck locker space
Mark in CDR seat - CCT
Roger - PLT stick time
Mark and Roger - Space Shuttle CCT
CDR Mark Edwards
Shuttle CCT
Shuttle CDR side
JSC - Building 9 Shuttle training mockup