NTC TDY 2000

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Another ARL:UT work-related visit, this time to the National Training Center on the high desert at Ft. Irwin, CA
Absolutely Nothing Next 22 Miles
Coyote (1)
Born to Kill
Business end of a T-72
Camo Pepsi truck
Coyote (6)
Goldstone Complex (1)
Desert Vista
Goldstone Gemini Antennae (5)
Coyote (2)
Goldstone Gemini Antennae (3)
M1A1 tank
Goldstone Gemini sign (1)
ARL:UT group shot (1)
Lunchtime at the Roach Coach
Outfitting 1CAV12
Goldstone Gemini Antennae (7)
Outfitting 1CAV17
NTC entrance