Tombstone - December 2006

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On a work-related trip to Ft. Huachuca, AZ, I stayed overnight in Tombstone, AZ... the downtown area was very tourist-oriented, including the famous OK Corral and daily "shootouts" in the street!
Downtown Tombstone
OK Corral sign
Old mine car
Rocks in mine car
Big Nose Kate's Saloon
Tombstone storefronts
The Longhorn restaraunt
Golden Eagle brewery
Roll up the sidewalks!
Tombstone Stetson store
Hey Bales trading company
Big Nose Kate's - sign
Twilight over the mountains
Distant mountains
Desert's edge (1)
Desert's edge (2)
Gold mine
Tombstone-to-Sierra Vista
Tethered aerostat radar system (1)
Tethered aerostat radar system (2)