(2) Texas 51 - Kansas 20 (21Nov09)

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KU game - tickets and parking pass
Julian's decked out and ready!
Roger and Julian - heading to pregame tailgate
Kathy and Julian - yes, that's 18 inches of height difference!
Kathy, Wimpy, and Rhonda
Julian doesn't quite get the direction
Julian the Viking
Matt and Roger
Kathy and Rhonda - tailgate
Julian, Stew, Brandon, and Roger
Not at all tipsy
Roger, Kathy, and Rhonda
Roger and Kathy - Texas vs KU pregame tailgate
Kathy and Rhonda - not happy waiting for porta-potties
Happier now!
Kathy and Rhonda - on the DKR escalator heading up to our seats
Rhonda, Kathy, Julian, and Roger - Texas vs Kansas
LHB pregame Block UT
Texas flag rosette
LHB Seniors 2009
Introduction of Colt McCoy - Senior Day 2009