England 2001

June 24, 2001 – Day 9

English barbeque and cricket!

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Day 9
Sunday, June 24, 2001

English barbeque and cricket!

Angie, Dad, and I are the early risers… our respective spouses are… well… not. 😀

Marquis tent for barbequeAfter another “Full English Breakfast”, I show Dad and Angie a little bit of Stratford, touching some of the sights Kathy and I enjoyed just the day before. Since Mom wanted to see a bit, too, I leave Dad and Angie to wander while I return to fetch her. She enjoys a more relaxed pace and is able to see some nice areas.

We all return in time for Julian to pick us up for a run out to Mill Cottage. Today’s festivities center around a day-long barbeque, honoring John’s 30 years in the motor vehicle trade.

A marquis (aka “tent”) has been set up in the field across from Mill Cottage. Caterers have a wonderful array of different grilled meats and salmon, along with salads and other vegetables. Lots and lots of drinks and the nicest “porta-Loos” we’ve ever seen (!!) set everything up for a great afternoon!

Kathy plays cricketEveryone starts arriving and the first band of the day, “The Diesel Cowboys” (site offline – archive.org copy), begins playing. At first, it’s really odd hearing a British band play country music, but they really are very good.

Dad joins in with the rest of the kids and attempts to learn how to play the game of cricket. By the end of the afternoon, Kathy and I have gotten into it, too! Everyone has a great time!

It’s surprisingly hot in England, especially for the Brits, as the temperatures climb into the 80s. By the time the second band, “Rubber Biscuit”, starts to play, the heat has started to pass a bit. We also get the chance to meet the other members of the Phoenix Group, the recently named owners of MG-Rover.

We all have a great time, but by the time the sun sets well after 10pm, everybody is getting tired. As we’re dropped off back at the Alveston Manor, we trudge back to our rooms, knowing another fun day has come and gone, but another awaits us tomorrow!!!