England 2001

June 15-16, 2001 – Days 0 and 1

Arrival, Recovery, and Indian food!

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We’re off!

777 from DFWThis is the start of our highly anticipated (at least by us!!!) vacation in England! We’re both excited and looking forward to the adventures of the next two weeks.

Friday morning consists of last-minute packing and taking care of the dogs. Bambi and Nina will be kennelled at the Round Rock Animal Hospital. Coy gets to spend a couple of weeks at Grandma and Grandpa Dixon’s!

The flight from Austin to Dallas was uneventful, but the DFW-to-London flight is delayed by a bit more than an hour.

Okay… an hour-and-a-half!! 🙂

We’re off!!

The flight over was pretty nice. We were on an American Airlines 777. Lots of leg room, and each seat had a personal video screen on the back of the seat! WAY cool!!!! The flight was smooth… the food was good… Kathy got a few hours of sleep, but I only got some “off-and-on” naps.

Arrival, Recovery, and Indian Food!

After the overnight flight, we land in London at the Gatwick airport. Julian and Jenny meet us outside of customs.

Julian's Rover 75Anyhoo… a smooth landing at Gatwick and a quick line at customs! The customs officer asked some strange and detailed questions (“Who are you visiting?”, “How did you meet them?”, etc.).

Weird… but he stamps the passports and sends us through! All of the luggage awaits us… and we load it up and find Julian and Jenny.

Julian has his Rover 75… a very nice car! Wonderful ride and some cool features (in-dash television and a GPS-based navigation system!) make this one sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet ride!

By the time we get to Julian and Jenny’s, it’s about 12:30pm. We’re both tired, but pass out the presents first! 🙂  With presents out of the way, Kathy and I settle down for a few hours of “jet lag recovery”. Three hours later work for me… Kathy needs another 1.5.

Julian and Indian foodWe’re meeting Jenny’s parents, sister, and a group of all their friends for dinner. First, however, a few of them come over for drinks and introductions. They all seem to be a very nice bunch!

Dinner is at an Indian restaurant within walking distance of the house, so… off we go!

The food is great, and we’re stuffed! The walk back was nice… and necessary!

And now… to bed!

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13 Minutes – a podcast review

13 Minutes – a podcast review

“13 Minutes to the Moon” – an excellent BBC podcast focusing on the behind-the-scenes heroes of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.

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Last 3 blog posts:
13 Minutes – a podcast review

13 Minutes – a podcast review

“13 Minutes to the Moon” – an excellent BBC podcast focusing on the behind-the-scenes heroes of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.



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