#babybalettie is coming!

by Jul 18, 2016

The best promotion ever…

Grandpa-to-beAndrew and Liz gathered the families together a couple of months ago and gave us the great news — they were expecting a baby in December!

As hard as it has been to wait to share this amazing news, we’ve respected their wishes to wait just a little while before making it public.

Andrew-Liz_newparentsLiz is doing great, the baby is growing strong, and they’ve found out that they’re expecting a baby boy!

I’m going to have a grandson!

I was always just hoping for a healthy happy baby for this beautiful couple… and it’s a wonderful blessing from God.

We look forward to the next five months as Liz and #babybalettie grow together. I can’t wait to hold my grandson and see him grow to be a strong and wonderful man… just like his father.