Godspeed Grandpa

by | Oct 27, 2016

The last few weeks have been tough, as Grandpa had a couple of strokes, a brief rally then peacefully passed away on Friday, October 21, 2016.

Grandpa at the USAF Memorial outside the Pentagon

Grandpa at the USAF Memorial outside the Pentagon

I was honored to have been one of his primary care providers over the past five years, along with my Uncle, so Grandpa and I had a lot of shared experiences – some good, some frustrating, some easy, and some difficult, but I would not have traded these years for anything in this world. Make sure and read about our Honor Flight experience – definitely a “trip of a lifetime” to honor these veterans.

His last days were as peaceful as they possibly could have been, with Kathy and several of his family members in attendance at various times. It’s never an easy transition for those left behind, but for Grandpa – I could not have asked for a more peaceful or easy passing.

He’s with Grandma now, so I’m happy for that.

USAF Honor Guard escorting Grandpa's casket graveside

USAF Honor Guard escorting Grandpa’s casket graveside

We had the funeral service yesterday, and we worked to make this as easy, yet meaningful as possible. I was honored to have presented his eulogy. Also, given Grandpa’s distinguished service career, we arranged for Full Military Honors at his graveside, including Honor Guard, flag presentation, three-shot volley, and Taps.

He would have been both embarrassed and humbled by this. I hope he took a few minutes from his reunion with Grandma to watch. 🙂

The two videos below are what we played in the lobby before his service.

The first one is mostly “just Grandpa”, with the song sung and harmonized by my daughter, Melanie. It’s beautiful and was a perfect tribute to him.

The second is a video I did for Grandma and Grandpa back in 2004. It’s still appropriate today. 🙂

I miss you already, but the memories we shared will live with me forever.

You were my inspiration, my example, my friend, my hero…

Godspeed Grandpa, and thank you.


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