One Year

Grandpa’s Little Buddy turns 1!!

My how time flies!

It was just a year ago that we had been enjoying our first moments with our little Cole!

Suddenly, after visits, vacations, and lots of greatly appreciated Snaps, pictures, movies, and Facebook posts by his parents and our “co-Grandparents”, Grandpa’s Little Buddy turned ONE YEAR OLD!

Liz and Andrew (aka “Mommy and Daddy”) set up an adorable photoshoot to capture this special time:

After Christmas, they came down for a few days to celebrate Cole’s birthday with all of us… so many giggles! He’s up and running now, and *BALLS* are his favorite toys! His ability to be so very gentle with delicate Christmas decorations was really impressive, too.

As I’ve mentioned before, this was like a 27-year Time Machine… looking back at Andrew at that age. It’s really stunning. 🙂

It was so fun watching this little guy be the center of so much attention from family and friends. He’s got such a sweet disposition, and is such a pure joy to be around!

His birthday party was fun – with a CAKE SMASH as one of the highlights.

But then … as with all good things, the visit had to end… but only until our next visit!

Oh … and the week after his First Birthday — his FIRST HAIRCUT! Suddenly, this little baby has become a little BOY!!! 🙂

It’s such an amazing thing to have a grandchild. I know each new one will be different, but nothing will change – we will love each new little soul that our family is blessed with.


Grandpa loves you!


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