So – it’s come to this…

by Feb 19, 2013

I’ve thought, for years, that I wouldn’t start a blog.

How’s that worked out for me?

I’ve seen lots of other friends and “interesting people” start blogs.  They’re still human.

Why not me?


So – what am I going to do with this blog?


Should I vent politics?  Gawd, no.  Too much of that going on already.

Should I post silly pictures?  Gawd, no.  I already have Facebook and Tumblr accounts.


Time will tell, I suppose.  For now, expect a lot of random thoughts and starts-and-stops as I put this together…


Roger as an astronaut - Christmas 1968

And a silly picture of me to start.


(Guess that “not posting silly pictures” goal was premature, huh?)