Time for a QB change?

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Please don’t get me wrong…

I’ve been a Cowboys fan since I was 7 years old and got my first electric football set for Christmas and cheered the Cowboys to victory in Super Bowl VI.

It pains me to see a Cowboys QB with such obvious talent continue to melt down in pressure situations again and again and again.

Romo has talent. There’s no doubt about that.

He had an amazing, record-setting game yesterday. There’s no doubt about that.

The defense gave up 51 points. There’s no doubt about that.

But, Romo had the game-winning drive and a chance to erase 11 years of history *in his hands* and threw a poor ball into triple coverage when he had a running back in the flat for positive yardage.

There’s no doubt about that, either.

Romo’s viewpoint:

Television viewpoint:

Romo_frustratedIf Romo were a pitcher in the Major Leagues and pitched amazing games in innings 1-8, but continually gave up grand slam HRs to the other team and lost every big game he played… how long do you think he’d be in the league, much less as the starting pitcher of the same team for 11 years?

It’s a shame, too… Romo’s a likable guy and has moments of QB brilliance (case in point: 55+ minutes of yesterday’s game), but then he just … fails… when it is most visible and on-the-line.

Cowboy helmet
11 years in the league (most of them as the starting QB of the DALLAS-FREAKING-COWBOYS) and one playoff victory.

There’s no doubt about that, either.

I think there should be a new QB for the Cowboys next season.

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  1. Roger Balettie

    It’s amazing what one year can do, right?

    The 2014 Cowboys were COMPLETELY different than the previous few years… and it can be primarily attributed to the excellent offensive line that protected Romo, a running back (DeMarco Murray) who stayed relatively healthy and ran through giant holes opened by that offensive line, and receivers that had time to run routes because Romo had time in the pocket… because of that offensive line.

    I’ll admit when I was wrong … and I was wrong about being ready to dump Romo.

    Even with Murray’s departure to the hated iggles, the next Cowboys running back will have that same offensive line opening up holes for him to run through.

    I’m looking forward to the 2015 season already!


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13 Minutes – a podcast review

“13 Minutes to the Moon” – an excellent BBC podcast focusing on the behind-the-scenes heroes of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.



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