England 2001

June 21, 2001 – Day 6

Guildford-to-Stratford – Now entering the Edwards Zone!

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“Now entering the Edwards Zone!”


Kathy and the CotswoldsWe all enjoy a nice “lie in”, as the plan today is for a leisurely drive from Julian and Jenny’s in Guildford to the Alveston Manor Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon. Before we hit the road, we mail a few postcards to the kids and other family/friends. Julian takes us past Jenny’s workplace, a huge “leisure centre”, containing all manner of exercise and recreational activities, from workout equipment to a bowling alley! It’s huge… Kathy would probably spend 4-5 hours a day here!

Okay! Road trip to Stratford!!

After we get away from London, we head towards the Cotswolds. Playing “the alphabet game” along the way makes the 2-hour drive go by quickly! It’s obvious when we hit the Cotswolds… the scenery and sights are “sooooooooooopah”!

Broadway TowerWe wind through country roads and various small Cotswold villages… Although I have been here before, it is more beautiful than ever. The sun is out, it is warm, we can see for miles… it’s perfect!!!

Personally… I think it’s the company. 🙂

Julian makes the turn up to Broadway Tower, the highest spot in the Cotswolds, with a “folly” medieval tower (built in the late 1700s) atop it. We climb it, amid red deer and Highland Cattle (a “shaggy cousin” of my beloved Texas Longhorn!), and are greeted with spectacular views!!!

You can read more about my other visits to the Tower here: Broadway Tower - A Cotswolds Folly

Tons and tons of pictures… and we continue into Broadway.

Cream Tea in Broadway
RESULT!! We find a tea shop with cream tea service, with scones and clotted cream!!! Yummy!!!

Finally we arrive in Stratford at the Alveston Manor, a 450-year-old hotel steeped in Shakespearean looks and traditions. It is incredible!!! The grounds of the hotel will require a ton of photos on their own…

John, Marianne, and Mark arrive at about 8:30pm for a huge dinner in the hotel. We give them the presents we brought and have a great time laughing and talking until late in the evening!

Exhausted… we go to bed!!! 🙂


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13 Minutes – a podcast review

13 Minutes – a podcast review

“13 Minutes to the Moon” – an excellent BBC podcast focusing on the behind-the-scenes heroes of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.

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13 Minutes – a podcast review

13 Minutes – a podcast review

“13 Minutes to the Moon” – an excellent BBC podcast focusing on the behind-the-scenes heroes of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13.



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