To be included in this lofty “Hall O’Fame”, you must have once been certified and flown at least one mission as a Flight Dynamics Officer in the Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Skylab, or Shuttle programs.

Disclaimer: This information is WILDLY OUT OF DATE. Contact me, if you have updates!

Matt “Speed Racer” Abbott

Tenure: 1983-1997
Currently: Flight Director, NASA/JSC

Roger “Ramjet” Balettie

Tenure: 1986-1997
Currently: Owner, Balettie Consulting, Inc.

Bill “Britzkrieg” Britz

Tenure: 1986-1998
Currently: CEO, Britz & Company

Tim “Dewey” Brown

Tenure: 1984-1993
Currently: ISS program at NASA/JSC

Bill “Clutch” Clarke

Tenure: 1990-2001
Currently: Senior Engineer, SAIC

Ron Cohen

Tenure: 1981-1984
Currently: Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer Project – NASA/JPL

Mike Collins

Tenure: 196x-197x
Currently: Assistant Division Chief, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, NASA/JSC

Nick Combs

Tenure: 198x-198x
Currently: ?

Chirold “Doc” Epp

Tenure: 1982-1991
Currently: Project Manager, NASA/JSC

Ron “Animal” Epps

Tenure: 197x-198x
Currently: Former Division Chief, Flight Design and Dynamics Division, NASA/JSC

Jay Greene

Tenure: 198x-198x
Currently: Program Office, NASA/JSC

Eric “Hammie” Hammer

Tenure: 1992-2002
Currently: Aviation Sales, Atlantic Aero

Mark “Fuzzy” Haynes

Tenure: 1980-1992
Currently: Owner, Haynes Consulting, Inc.

Bruce “Maverick” Hilty

Tenure: 1984-1996
Currently: Mission Operations Directorate office at NASA/JSC

Brian “BJ” Jones

Tenure: 198x-1988
Currently: ?

Wes “FDO Extraordinaire” Jones

Tenure: 1983-1987
Currently: Senior applications programmer, Charles Schwab

Debbie Kessler

Tenure: 1988-1991
Currently: Medical software development

Mason Lancaster

Tenure: 197x-1987
Currently: ?

Glynn Lunney

Tenure: 196x-196x
Currently: Former Program Manager, United Space Alliance

Jan (McCoy) Burley Hunt

Tenure: 198x-198x
Currently: Owner, Jan Burley Fine Art

Greg “Sticks” Oliver

Tenure: 198x-1995
Currently: Ascent/Descent Branch Chief, NASA/JSC

Brian “Iceman” Perry

Tenure: 1983-1995
Currently: Co-owner, Binary Star, Ltd.

Lisa “Slugger” Shore

Tenure: 1991-2000
Currently: EVA Flight Control, NASA/JSC

Roger “Homer” Simpson

Tenure: 1991-1997
Currently: NASA Representative, USSPACECOM

Kerry Soileau

Tenure: 1984-1989
Currently: Retired, ISS Avionics Office, NASA/JSC

Craig Staresinich

Tenure: 197x-198x
Currently: TRW

Rusty Stewart

Tenure: 1984-1987
Currently: Johnson Engineering

Steve “Mayor McSteve” Stich

Tenure: 1990-2001
Currently: Flight Director, NASA/JSC

Bill Stoval

Tenure: 196x-197x
Currently: Beer distributor (family business)

Brad “Sweetness” Sweet

Tenure: 1978-1985
Currently: Co-owner, Binary Star, Ltd.

The following FDOs will be added to this list:

Tecwyn Roberts (the “first” FDO)
Cliff Charlesworth
Ed Shaffer
Jerry Bostick
Ed Pavelka
Chuck Deiterich
Jim I’Anson (deceased)
Willis Bolt (deceased)

Dan “Commander” Adamo
Charlie “Tuna” Barrett
Phil “Uncle Wilbur” Burley
Chris “Elmo” Edelen
Keith “Flounder” Fletcher
Ed “Señor” González
Richard “Fear” Jones
Pam “Pambo” McCraw
Mark “Jar Jar” McDonald
Doug “Coach” Rask
Bob “Bobaloo” Schaf
Carson “Sparky” Sparks
Ron “I need a nickname” Spencer
Bob “Roller Bob” Stein
Dick “RAT” Theis (deceased)
Bill “Big Bird” Tracy
Hung “Slimer” Tran